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103.1 FM

Rules and Information

1. You are required to have an AMA account to race the VCHSS.
**Please visit
2. Pick a number in class that you are wishing to register for.
**Can be found in registration or on
3. Temporary numbers are allowed for 3 events. Must have permanent numbers for season.
4. Minor forms will need to be filled out and on record with the series.
**Forms can be found at (note, there is a one time form and yearly form)**
5. You will need a VCHSS competition card. **Form is found on forms section**
6. Must obtain a transponder at registration if you do not already have one. They are $5.00
7. Advised to bring helmet to registration at each event to ensure transponder is reading correctly. Test station can be used to verify the transponder is working correctly.

AMA adult year fee: $49
Youth year fee: $29
One Day fee: $20
Adult entry fee: $40 + $3 online convenience fee
Youth entry fee $25 + $3 online convenience fee
Year comp card: $20
One day comp card: $5

Race time Information

Mini Race 8:30 AM
Morning Race 10:45 AM
Main Race 1:30 PM

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